The Abfall- und Verwertungsgesellschaft Köln (AVG) is a modern and efficient waste disposal and recycling company. Under the motto #esgehtum, the agency storygraphers developed a comprehensive information campaign with which the medium-sized company presents its services and facilities in an interesting way.

Among other things, a separate brochure was developed for each area of AVG - material recycling, thermal recycling, recycling yard and landfill - in which the respective plant is schematically represented with a 3D model and the operating process is explained in detail.

RENEE:) is the app accompanying the plant brochures of AVG Cologne, which was conceived and designed by storygraphers and implemented by Realtime Visions.


Realtime Visions not only took on the 3D modeling, but also used a smart augmented reality app to bring the facilities to life virtually and to stage the respective processes in a very understandable way.

In addition to the AR app for smartphones and tablets, which can be used in combination with the brochures, there is also a version for use without the AR function. In addition, a Windows version has been created that can be controlled by mouse or large touch monitor and can be presented to visitors in the AVG seminar rooms. This version is also distributed as teaching material to schools in Cologne.

The result: A modern, user-friendly app that provides exceptional insights into the services and work of AVG Cologne.



Via / storgraphers

For / AVG Köln

Year / 2020

Area / Interactive Experiences

Services / 

conceptual consulting / 3D modeling / software development / deployment

Photos & Video: Janos Wlachopulos