For the new customer center at Energieversorgung Mittelrhein AG - evm for short - in its headquarters in Koblenz, Realtime Visions was commissioned by the Quartiermeisterei agency to develop two interactive installations that give customers hands-on access to the company's core topics.

In combination with the modern, open design of the premises, the digital elements motivate customers to actively engage with their energy supplier.

Conveying knowledge playfully

Even the shop windows are used as a digital platform and arouse the interest of passers-by via an interactive game. With modern "bring your own device" technology, anyone interested can control the installation via their own mobile device. The smartphone thus becomes the game controller, which is used to steer a virtual aircraft, which is fuelled with renewable energy, to local sights.

At the end of the virtual game, participants can win a very real prize in the form of an individual QR code from evm's own customer loyalty program "Discoverer Bonus", which can be exchanged for free or discounted products and services at participating partners in the supply area.

The fun idea is also continued on the large "storytelling wall" inside the customer center. By means of projection technology, a large wall graphic is brought to life and digitally expanded: visitors can activate the explanatory animations or short video clips illustrated in a cheerful comic style on this interactive installation and thus discover the world of evm through augmented reality.

In this way, the modern, future-oriented focus of the energy supplier can be experienced in the customer center in many different ways.



Via / Quartiermeisterei GmbH

For / Energieversorgung Mittelrhein AG

Location / Koblenz

Year / 2021

Area / Interactive Experiences

Services / 

conception / animation / game design / software development / hardware / installation / support

photos & videos: Janos Wlachopulos