With the integration of a laser projection module, Realtime Visions extends the functionality of the worker assistance system "nexonar Assembly Scout" from its partner company soft2tec by the possibility to display visual markings directly on the workpiece. The technology helps to make the work flow distraction-free and to keep the focus always on the point of action.


The laser projection module integrates seamlessly into the "nexonar Assembly Scout" environment and can be easily calibrated via software to ensure accurate projection in the three-dimensional working environment.



Trackers on workpieces and tools allow them to be precisely recorded in the work area. The laser system accesses the data determined in this way to permanently update the projection and adjust it to the current position and orientation of the objects. Projected contours can be defined as movement specifications, for example for guiding a tool. When tracing the contour, the system can report how much of the required distance has already been covered. In combination with supplementary instructions on the additional information screen, the work process is thus optimally supported.



For / Nexonar / soft2tec GmbH

Year / 2020

Area / Biomotion & Serious Apps

Services / 

Conception / Software development / Design

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