The design agency Inodo and Realtime Visions have joined forces to create a virtual showroom for the automation and process optimisation specialist PSI Technics.

The individually designed settings offers a spatial experience of the company's multi-layered service and product portfolio in the form of high-quality rendered 3D panoramas.

Realised as a web application, the showroom can be used via all common internet-capable devices and systems.

virtual exhibition / interactive experience
virtual exhibition / interactive experience

Multimedia Presentation

The complex contents are located in thematic areas and made accessible via individually designed exhibits using text, images and video material. Navigation within the exhibits makes in-depth information accessible and comprehensible.

Core topics are highlighted by individually created video animations. Guided tours allow the company to lead different groups through the virtual exhibition and communicate directly and personally with the participants via integrated video chat.



Via / Inodo Design Agency

For / PSI Technics GmbH

Year / 2021

Area / Interactive Experiences

Services / 

Concept / Virtual Interiors / 3D Graphics / Motion Design / Programming

Photos: RV realtime visions GmbH