After the successful implementation of the ZeitzeugenFragen project at the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, another exhibition was realised together with the design agency Eydos and the Haus der Geschichte Bonn, which was presented in the museum's #Research Room from December 2022 to the end of January 2023.

The multimedia "play area" actively invited visitors to become creative themselves and to approach the topic of the "museum" in a completely new way.

Winner of the German Design Award 2024 / Excellent Architecture - Fair and Exhibition

design award

Experiencing creativity

About 30 years ago, the director Hermann Vaske asked prominent and less well-known people: "Why are you creative?"

Together with the Haus der Geschichte and Eydos, we restaged the resulting video statements in the entrance portal of the play area and made them accessible on several monitors.


Analogue painting surface

At the "stroking area", visitors have the opportunity to express their own creativity - in a classic analogue way. On a huge sequin wall, you can create impressive pictures by simply stroking back and forth, in groups as well as alone, and leave behind very personal messages in the form of patterns, graphics or statements.

Interactive LED surface

Right next to it - in the centre of the play area - a large, high-resolution LED surface has been installed, inviting visitors to get creative in a digital way.

Hidden videos and images, represented abstractly by animated dots, can be "activated" by movements of arms and hands and reassembled into realistic images.

This digital installation can also be used alone or in a group. The latter is made possible by a depth camera that can also capture and process movements and gestures of several players simultaneously.


Finally, on an analogue "free space", visitors are encouraged to live out their creativity further, through various elements and installations. With coloured round stickers and adhesive tape, a formerly white wall can be transformed into a colourful work of art.

Despite the simple means, surprising, sometimes complex motifs emerge that can be changed again and again.


Modular system

In order to be able to use the elements in other exhibitions as well, all installations have been constructed in a modular way. This means that the LED wall can be set up flexibly and also used for other visual exhibitions.

And the basic framework of the installations - a classic pipe connection system - can also be individually reconstructed and used again and again.

Two more exhibitions are already being planned and implemented together with Eydos.



For / Haus der Geschichte

Location / Bonn

Year / 2022

Area / Interactive Experiences

Services / 

conception / architecture / design / software development / technology / installation / support

Photos: RV realtime visions GmbH