Together with the design and digital agency edelwerke, a shiftscreen exhibit was created that brings the Stabilus Group's production network to life in the foyer of its headquarters in Koblenz.

The aim was to present comparatively plain company data and facts in an emotive way and to make them accessible in a more innovative, entertaining and yet easy-to-use manner. Both for visitors to the Stabilus Group and for sales staff who want to introduce the Group to customers.


Technical implementation

Realtime Visions supported edelwerke in the planning and realisation of the system, developed the software for the interactive installation and provided the necessary media technology.

By simply moving a monitor, insights into the company structure are made possible. Current data and facts of the associated companies are displayed, as well as videos about their products. The use of multi-layered graphics and contemporary visualisations not only creates a modern look and feel - the displayed content is emotionalised and presented in an exciting way.



Via / edelwerke Gmbh

For / Stabilus GmbH

Location / Koblenz

Year / 2022

Area / Interactive Experiences

Services / 

conceptual advice / software development / media technology / sensors / installation / support