Together with the History Museum - Haus der Geschichte and our partner Eydos, we have created another installation for the Exploration Room (#Proberaum) that allows visitors to take part in the "race into space".

In this installation in the Exploration Room, a public media and digital laboratory, quintessential concepts, interaction and technologies are tested and evaluated together with the visitors.

In the interactive multimedia production "Race into Space", two objects are made tangible in a particular way through digital technologies.

Using two toys from the former East German Republic and the German Federal Republic - a globe with the satellite "Sputnik" and the recently released multimedia board game "Terraforming Mars" - visitors can immerse themselves in the space enthusiasm of the 1950s and 1960s.

Winner of the German Design Award 2024 / Excellent Architecture - Fair and Exhibition

design award

Spatial Staging

In the entrance foyer, visitors are greeted by a spaceman who invites them into the exhibition.

Walking through the star portal, accompanied by numerous small shining stars and an emotively appealing video installation with historical recordings of rocket launches on several monitors, makes the experience even more intense.

The Board Game

The design of the board game is reproduced and staged on the floor and the back wall, making it possible to walk through and experience first-hand.

In addition, the game paths of the board game are animated on the back wall in the room by means of background lighting.

The analogue game is further enhanced by a digital implementation: via a monitor below the object, visitors can use a spaceship to navigate to various points in the cosmos and call up background information.

The Globe

The toy globe is made even more interesting by a digital extension: An impressive orbit made of LED modules in the shape of an ellipse, which imitates an orbit, presents enlarged details of objects, videos and stories behind the globe. These can be activated and explored via a touch monitor.

World politics in a children's room?

The installation illustrates how significant events in world politics can also be found in small things and have determined people's everyday lives.

Visitors not only gain an exciting insight into the world of the Cold War, they also experience the "propaganda in the children's room" that was common at the time. The focus is particularly on the first Earth satellite Sputnik and the associated race into space between East and West.

Through the use of digital technologies, different perspectives such as proximity and distance or detail and totality are played with within the installation and the theme of "space" is underscored.

In order to ensure a sustainable exhibition, the tried and tested red tube connector system and media technology from the previous exhibition were reused for the "Race into Space" exhibition and mounted in a completely new way.

The LED modules were arranged in a slanted elliptical shape instead of hanging classically on the wall as before. In addition, air mattresses and tubes were used to build a comfortable seating area, which unexpectedly became an exciting selfie magnet and was very popular.



For / Haus der Geschichte

Location / Bonn

Year / 2023

Area / Interactive Experiences

Services / 

conception / architecture / design / software development / media technology / installation / support

Photos: Janos Wlachopulos