With the programme "#Proberaum (Exploration Room). Discovering History", the History Museum Haus der Geschichte in Bonn is investigating what future museums could look like and what role new media and digital offerings could play in this.

Together with the History Museum and the agency Eydos, we presented innovative perspectives by allowing visitors to become active themselves and be surprised.

Our fourth and last prototypical media staging in the Exploration Room (#Proberaum) is called "Zeitfluss" – the flow of time. The combination of analogue and digital technology creates an interactive presentation that makes it possible to explore and interactively experience events of the last 30 years in a completely new and innovative way.

Valves are attached to four terminals along the "river" that make it possible to select and "extract" the moments of time that flow by. The captured moments from different thematic areas such as politics, culture or the environment can be experienced on the monitors and invite visitors to engage more intensively with the stories and thus with history.

Not only can questions be answered and opinions left behind, visitors also gain profound insights into the respective topic or can reminisce.

Winner of the German Design Award 2024 / Excellent Architecture - Fair and Exhibition

design award

The Flow of Time

The Zeitfluss - "flow of time" consists of a large table made of LED modules that slopes gently downwards. Here, moments flow by in the form of round image graphics that give a hint of what the theme is.

At the four terminals, visitors can interact and capture the moments. When one of the "valves" is opened, this triggers an audiovisual suction effect, accompanied by sounds and animations on the table as well as animated LED light in the associated valve tube.

Which moment is captured depends on which graphic is near the suction point at the right time.

Questions and Opinions

When a moment is captured, the touch monitor is activated. Either a quiz with questions starts or an opinion poll on the chosen topic is displayed.

After visitors have taken part in the quiz or the opinion poll, the results of other participants are displayed, and the result of the quiz question is also resolved. In addition, there is now the possibility to deal with the topic more intensively. For this purpose, videos, photos and short texts on the current moment can be called up.

The large monitor at the back of the installation also shows different moments in alternation, highlighting the survey results for selected questions on the flow of time.

By pressing the lever again, the current moment is released back into the flow and a new moment can be captured.

The Time Stream

In the flow of time exhibition, visitors can share their own memories and thus become part of history and the exhibition themselves.

Stickers can be attached to an analogue timeline for this purpose, on which they can record their personal experiences and moments.

The "Zeitfluss - flow of time" installation is a place of encounter that connects private memories and contemporary historical documents. History can thus be experienced from the most diverse perspectives and in a very personal way.

This exhibition in the Exploration Room deliberately uses different media and construction technology elements from the previous stations:

The comfortable seating from the "Space Race" exhibition is used again, while the former open space of the "Play Area" installation now serves as a timeline for personal memories. The LED modules are also reused and are integrated horizontally into the table.



For / Haus der Geschichte

Location / Bonn

Year / 2023

Area / Interactive Experiences

Services / 

conception / architecture / design / software development / media technology / installation / support

Photos: Janos Wlachopulos